From “Beans” to “Beebits” – Rewards Program Upgrade

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Good morning, everyone!  Man, I had quite the weekend…and if you visited my website, you’ll know that it was down for a while while I did some “cleaning”.  Well, I was busy upgrading my rewards program here at ButterBeeScraps 🙂

Did I really need to make a change?

Yes…most definitely!  Although many of you enjoyed the old program, there were a few pitfalls…one of them being that you had to register a “beans” account separate from an account here at ButterBeeScraps.  There were also cases in which you guys, my customers, were not getting credited your “beans” correctly…and not to your advantage, either.  This undermined the entire premise of the program, and definitely was not my intent, so it was time for a change to something better 🙂

So…what’s new?

Well, there are a few changes to the program:

  • your store credits are now called “beebits” instead of “beans”
  • you can now earn “beebits” for writing product reviews 🙂
  • you can now specify how many “beebits” you would like to redeem on your order (in increments of 1 and up to 25% of your order total)
  • you MUST register an account on my website to start collecting “beebits”…no need for a separate account 🙂
  • you will no longer be bothered by emails notifying you of your “beebit” account balance…just visit your account page to see how many “beebits” you have at any time
What happened to your “beans”?

I worked very hard at manually converting all your “beans” to “beebits”, but not without a few glitches:

  • If you already had both a “beans” account and a ButterBeeScraps account, I made sure to transfer all of your “beans” for you.  I also checked to make sure you did not miss out on any “beans” on previous orders, and added them to your “beebits” if you lost out 🙂  So…your “beebit” balance may be a bit higher than your “beans” balance was.
  • If you did not have a “beans” account, but have a ButterBeeScraps account, I gave you “beebits” for all of your orders placed since I started this website in June 2015 🙂
  • If you had a “beans” account but no ButterBeeScraps account, I am sorry, you have no “beebits”.  To continue receiving credits for future purchases, you will have to register for an account at ButterBeeScraps.  I have all of your “beans” account information.  After you register at ButterBeeScraps, please feel free to email me and I will ensure that any “beans” you had are converted to “beebits”.  I can also link your previous orders to your account so that you can easily review your order history 🙂

Now, I recognize that I am a mere human and not impervious to making mistakes.  So…if you feel there was an error when transferring all your “beans” to “beebits”, just send me an email and I’d be happy to review it with you.  Thanks for your patience as I continue to make improvements to this website and my programs 🙂  Cheers and have a great week!

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