Rewards Program

We now offer a rewards program!

We really appreciate each and every order – big or small – and want to say “thanks!”  You can now join our rewards program and receive “beebits” for every dollar you spend.  …and if you haven’t created an account yet, you can earn “beebits” just for joining!  …and it costs you nothing!

How does it work?

Every 100 “beebits” is worth $1.00 worth of product

Earn 300 “beebits” just for joining the program

Earn 3 “beebits” for every $1 you spend in my shop

Earn 25 “beebits” for every product review you write

Redeem your “beebits” at any time, on any order.  You can specify how many “beebits” you would like to apply towards your order from your cart…up to a maximum of 25% of your order total.

How do I know how many “beebits” I have?

Just visit your account page at any time to find out exactly how many “beebits” you have to spend.

Start earning “beebits”

Register for an account at ButterBeeScraps and start earning rewards today!  Redeem your “beebits” once you have accumulated the number you want, and save cash on your entire order!